Who of us haven't peered through the window of an airplane with a sense of wonder and amazement? Do you remember the time your eyes were locked on that airplane window, through which you could catch a glimpse of the world as you had never seen before?

We hope to remind you of that special moment as we take you on a 6 second journey through time, as the sun begins to rise and the beautiful, starry night sky transitions into a new day with bright beams of sunlight illuminating the white fluffy clouds.


Let's remember that today is a new day, filled with hope, wonder and excitement!

Floating Pen

  • The "Floating Pen", also known as "Tilt Pens", "Floaty Pens" or "Floaties" are ballpoint pens made in Denmark, which bring a sense of joy and playfulness to the mundane task of writing. Since its creation in 1946, it has gained popularity worldwide and has become a popular collector's item for people of all ages.

    When tilted, the "floater" floats gently for about 6 seconds, transforming the uniquely designed landscape.


    Pen Type: retractable ballpoint screw-type pen with a twist-action mechanism / black ink

    Dimensions: Length - 15.5cm / Diameter - 1cm