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【 This product will be shipped approximately 5 working days after ordering 】


“Travel Destination” series for all you travel lovers out there! . The stylish, unisex design comes in black and white and highlights major cities around the world. Which ones have you been to?


The tote bag has a flat-bottom made of thick polyester material to increase storage capacity and can store A4 size materials.

It is a fashionable and convenient tote bag that can be used for multiple purposes such as for school, work, shopping, etc.


Travel Destination | Tote Bag

  • Material: 100% thick polyester
    Color: White
    Height: 37cm / Width: 36cm / Depth: 10cm 
    Handle length: 47cm / width 2.5cm
    Length: 25cm / Width:  10cm



    [ Precautions ]

    -Use a neutral detergent. (Don't use bleach-containing detergents)

    ・ Turn the print surface inside-out before washing.
    ・ Machine wash on delicate/gentle cycle or hand wash at a warm temperature.
    ・ Do not wring.
    ・ Please avoid ironing the print on the tote bag.
    ・ Please iron the cloth at a low temperature of around 100 degrees. 
    ・ Rinse well, drain the water, and hang in the shade.

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