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【 This product will be shipped approximately 4 business day after ordering 】


The popular Passport Stamps design on a Cherry wood case! The sides of the case body are made of a hard rubber material that is easy to attach and detach, preventing scratches.


Enjoy the smooth wooden feel and grain texture that is unique to every phone case.


◉ This product is available for the iPhone, Xperia and Huawei ONLY.


《 Click here to order a special gift box 》

* Please note that iPhone XR, XS Max, 11 & Plus series and Xperia & Huawei cost an additional 440 yen.

Passport Stamps | Wood Phone Case

  • Matrial : Cherry Wood

    Case Cover : Hard rubber (Black)




    * Please note that the wood design may be slightly different depending on the case.



    *The phone case fits perfectly for maximum protection. To remove the case, insert your finger into the camera hole and push it in slowly to make the case easier to remove. Please be careful not to apply excessive pressure to avoid damaging or cracking the case.

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