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【 This product will be shipped approximately 5 business day after ordering 】



We at The CREW love airplanes and we'd like to share our love of Traveling with our new original design, "Passport Stamps Design" series!

For those who can't get enough of airplanes, enjoy the simple and stylish multiple stamps designs.


◉ This product is available for the iPhone and All Android models.


Click here to order a special gift box 》



* Please note that Android has different specifications for the inner case. ( See Photo 7,8 )

* Please note that iPhone XR, XS Max, 11 & Plus series, and all Android models cost an additional 550 yen.


Passport Stamps | Booklet Phone Case

Case Color
  • Booklet part: Polyurethane resin (PU) / Synthetic leather
    Smartphone Body fitting part: Polycarbonate resin (plastic)
    Fastener part: Magnetic

    * The case has three card pockets and one side pocket.



    H148mm / W77mm( Whole:210mm)

    T16mm / Weight 58.5g


    - iPhone7/8

    H145.5mm / W76mm


    - iPhone6/6s

    H145mm / W70mm( Whole:160mm)


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