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A scatter of White, Yellow and Yellow-green on a light green gradation background. A verdant and vibrant design embodying the freshness of Spring.
We wish that through the use of our keychains, everyone will always be connected throughout the skies !


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Green Flowers Keychain

  • The keychain is coated with a special epo-resin which gives it a shiny look, plump rounded edges and is smooth to touch.



    Length (including chain & ring) : 11.7cmLength (Plane Body) : 5.8cmWidth : 4.7cmThickness : 3mm

    Material: Acrylic



    ※ As a natural result of the epo-resin coating process, please be aware that tiny bubbles may be present in the coating.

    ※ The special epo-resin coating may become slightly dented if a key, the chain or the ring is pushed strongly against it, however, it will return to its original shape over time so don't worry.

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