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Our new unisex World City pouch design displays airplanes flying in popular cities around the world, including Tokyo, in silhouette style!

The tote bag has a flat-bottom made of thick polyester material to increase storage capacity and can store A4 size materials.

It is a fashionable and convenient tote bag that can be used for multiple purposes such as for school, work, shopping, etc.

World City | Customized Name Tote Bag

  • Material: 100% cotton (canvas fabric)

    Size: About W197 X H117mm



    【 Handling Precautions 】


    1. When washing, use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent whitening agent.
    2. When washing, please wash inside out.
    3. When washing, we recommend that you wash this product on its own.
    4. Do not iron the prints if possible.
    5. Do not tumble dry after washing or squeeze too hard.
    6. Please note that for the black bag, color transfer may occur if the product is rubbed continuously with clothing in a wet state.