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【 This product will be shipped approximately 5~7 business day after ordering 】


The CREW customized name stamps are small enough to be carried with your everyday! The stamps are available in two styles, English with globe or Kanji ( Hira & Kana ) without globe, and comes in 4 colors.

Can be used for that extra personal touch on your personalized letters and gifts.

Each stamp will last you a long time as it can be stamped about 3000 times!
It is now possible to add "Employee number & English phonetic" as a free option!


Customized Name Stamp | Globe

  • Print size: 1cm × 1cm

    Body: Height - 5 cm / Width - 2.2cm

    Ink volume: Approximately 3,000 times



    ※ Please note that the overall balance varies depending on the font.
    * Kanji may sometimes be difficult to see due to ink bleeds depending on the number of strokes.
    * The indicated price is for one single item only.

    ※ Please note that characters with very thin lines may be cut off in rare cases.

    * When stamping please press lightly to avoid a thick print.

    * After stamping, the color may change over time.

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