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【 This product will be shipped approximately 5 business day after ordering 】


We have launched our new series of customised smartphone rings! Available in two shapes, Square shape and Heart shape, you can add your name and choose from 10 different colors.

The cute, striped pop design can be a functional complement for your smartphone  Passing your finger through the ring allows you to hold the smartphone in a stable manner, and is a useful item that prevents falling. In addition, because the ring part rotates 360 degrees, you can adjust it to your preferred angle and use it as a phone stand.

※The Square shaped ring comes in Gold and Silver.
※ The Heart shaped ring costs an additional ¥100 and only comes in Silver.

Customized Name Phone Ring

  • [ Body size ]

    Square type : Width 38.5mm | Length 48.5mm

    Heart shape : Width 45mm | Length 42mm



    Body: Polycarbonate, double-sided adhesive sheet
    Ring: Zinc alloy with plating treatment



    * Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ slightly from the actual product color.

    * Please note that depending on the surface material of the smartphone back or smartphone case back the adhesive strength of the phone ring may differ.


    * We don't recommend mounting the phone ring directly to the back of iPhone7 / 7plus (in Jet Black), iPhoneX / XS and iPhone8 / 8plus due to the glass coating on the backs. If you are using one of these phones we recommend using a case and mounting the phone ring on the case back.


    ・ It is possible to mount it on the hard case, but it cannot be mounted on TPU or silicone type cases.

    ・ Please note that adhesive strength can not be guaranteed and varies depending on the material used, usage conditions and usage environment.

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