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【 This product will be shipped approximately 4 working days after ordering 】


Introducing our customized name Mirrror case! A simple and stylish case with our cursive airplane print and it can be used as a mirror anytime.

Choose from 4 different font colors and 3 different Mirror types.

◉ This product is available for the iPhone ONLY.


Click here to order a special gift box 》



【 Order flow 】
① Select desired model and enter customized information
② Put in cart and check out
③ The CREW will send you a sample image within 48 business days for your approval.
④ If you are satisfied with the sample image we will proceed with the order!

* Please note that iPhone XR, XS Max, 11 & Plus series models cost an additional 440 yen.

Customized Name Mirror Case Ⅱ

Font Color
  • Material : Polycarbonate ( Plastic)

    Flame : Polyurethane


    - iPhoneX

    H147mm / W75mm / T10mm


    - iPhone8Plus、iPhone7Plus

    H167mm / W83mm / T10mm




    《 Other Precautions 》

    ・ During the printing of the mirror case minor minuscule black spots may appear due to dust and other contaminants.

    ・ If you find cracks, breakage, deformation, or deterioration, please stop using it immediately.

    ・ Do not use in places with high temperatures, such as near a fire.

    ・ Avoid dropping and strong impact as it may cause injury.


    -Please note that we can not assume any responsibility for accidents or damage caused by the use of this product.


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