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【 This product will be shipped approximately 5 business day after ordering 】


We at The CREW love airplanes and we'd like to share our love of airplanes with our new original design, "Planes" series! For those who can't get enough of airplanes, enjoy the simple and stylish multiple airplane icons.


Our compact mirror  is a palm-sized double-sided mirror that is easy to carry and useful for everyday use!
* One side of the mirror is a normal mirror, and the other side is a magnified mirror for a close-up look.

It comes in two shapes, Heart shape and Rectangle shape and can be customized with your name.


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Planes | Customized Name Compact Mirror

  • 【 Square Shape 】

    Cover Material : PU leather ( Synthetic leather )

    Size: H85mm × W60mm × T10mm / Weight 74g

    Open With : H 170mm W 60mm


    【 Heart Shape 】

    Cover Material : PU leather ( Synthetic leather )

    Size: H70mm × W 70mm / Weight 45g

    Open With: H130mm× W70mm


    ※ The surface is made of synthetic leather, so please note that if scratched with nails etc it may leave a mark.

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